Minot Stave Church

This is a replica of a Gol Stave Church that is located in Bygdoy Park in Oslo, Norway. The original was built around 1250 and was moved to Olso about 100 years ago. The project began in October, 1999 and the church was opened on October, 2001.

This building is 60-feet tall and 45-feet wide is a memorial to the immigrants who came from Scandinavia to make new homes in North America. Inside the church, the corner posts are accentuated, and heavier and more richly decorated than the other structural elements.

The posts “represent the four gospels whose teachings are the supporting foundation of all Christianity” The beams upon which the columns rest “signify God’s apostles, the foundation of all Christianity.” The floor boards represent “the humble men who bow in honour; and the more they are exposed to the trampling feet of the congregation, the more support they provide.” The roof surface which protects the church from snow and inclement weather “represents the men whose prayers protect us from temptation.

All quoted from a sermon given in the thirteenth century.

The church was put together without nails like a puzzle. It is a place where weddings and funerals are often held. A yearly festival called Norsk Høstfest is held annually in the fall in North Dakota in Minot. This festival has been held for over 40 years and has become North America’s largest Scandinavian festival with tens of thousands attending.

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