Traveling Your Dream

People of the Reindeer


Nenets – On Tundra and Taiga

Evenks – Reindeer Riders

The Sakha of Yakutia

Chukchi and Siberian Huskies

Sami – Nordic People

Petroglyphs of Siberia

Forbidden Places


Ilha da Queimada Grande – Island of Mystery

Dudinka – Port of No Call

Norilsk – Mining Hell

Russian Railroad to Nowhere

The Town That Had No Name

Attu – Forgotten Aleutian Island

Exotic Locations


Women of South Pacific Islands

Hammerfest – Top of the World

Nepal – Jewel of the Himalayas

Peru – People of the Sun

Yap – Land of Stone Money

Kamchatka – Land of Fire and Ice

Ushuaia – Bottom of the World

Kaliningrad – Stepchild of Russia


Personal Adventures


Adventures in Asia

Four Days on the Trans-Siberian Railway

London to Beijing by Train

Cold Yakutia by Doris Heimann

My Experience in Yakutia by Jorge Juan Sanchez

Travel Advice

Airport Security without Delays

Travel Tips for Overseas

Can You Travel the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Mini History





Germanicus – Almost Emperor

St Petersburg – Russia

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