Why Should I Go to the Marshall Islands?

No, they are not blowing up bombs anymore. Here are some reasons to go there.



It’s hot! The wet season is from May to November.

Sure, they get the occasional typhoon. And flooding can be a problem.

But the US stepped in to help in 2013, when the northern atolls of the Marshall Islands experienced drought. The United States President declared an emergency and provided humanitarian support.


They Speak English

Although the official language of the Marshall Islands is Marshallese, many speak English.

They are mostly Christian with cannibals definitely in the minority. Just kidding. You can even visit a small community of Muslims based in Majuro at their mosque.

You Could Get Educated

There are two colleges in the Marshall Islands – the College of the Marshall Islands and The University of the South Pacific.

There are Beautiful Women


These women are using the barter system still common on their island.


You can sometimes find modern conveniences.


Visit the People

Check out small farms where they grow coconuts, tomatoes, melons, and breadfruit.



Still being produced in small factories.


Go Fishing

It’s islands. Everyone goes fishing!



Find out what the heck copra is and why it is so valuable. Then go back and amaze your friends with this knowledge.


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