Here’s a place you never heard of: Kyzyl. Who cares? Well, the nomads do.


Nomad History?

Nomads move around a lot. So there is not much to put in a museum. Any find is a Sensation! Tuva Find Rocks Archaeological World! They found a really old bronze panther. It didn’t even look like a panther but who cares? It became a national symbol.


Kyzyl Means “Where Are The Vowels”. You get there on a bus through a mountain pass.


The Sleeping Sayan is a rock formation that looks like a snoozing warrior. Or does it?


Visit a “Yurt Camp”. They will treat you to a great experience.



Paul Pena, a blind blues guy, learned Tuvan throat singing listening to his shortwave radio and competed in the Tuvan throat singing competition. Movie about it called Genghis Blues.



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