What’s the southernmost city?

What’s the southernmost city?

It’s in Argentina.

It’s in the part called Patagonia. It’s the city at the bottom of the world. – Ushuaia

Magellan Claims Naked Giants Live at South Pole

“One day we suddenly saw a naked man of giant stature on the shore of the port, dancing, singing, and throwing dust on his head. The captain-general [Magellan] sent one of our men to the giant so that he might perform the same actions as a sign of peace. Having done that, the man led the giant to an islet where the captain-general was waiting. When the giant was in the captain-general’s and our presence he marveled greatly, and made signs with one finger raised upward, believing that we had come from the sky. He was so tall that we reached only to his waist, and he was well proportioned…”


Naked Giants – Yes or No?

This story was sensational. “Patagonia” or “Land of the Bigfeet”. People were amazed to hear about this ‘Land of the Giants’. But were they really giants? Not really. Europeans were short. Anyone over six feet would be a giant. Maybe they looked taller because they didn’t wear any clothes.

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