Around the world in 30 days – London


Cologne, Germany is next

My plan is to travel around the world by train. I began in London where I was met by a friend. It’s always great to have a friend show you around their hometown.

London Bridge is not falling down. It’s in good shape, but it looks pretty dull compared to Tower Bridge.


One thing about London is that the streets are not straight like in America. You never know what you will find up ahead.


When crossing the street, you must look to the right rather than the left before you step out on the street. Unlike America, the cars closest to you are coming from the right. My friend pulled me back as I looked left and was stepping out into the street. A truck whizzed by. Close call.


I was just walking around down by Thames River (they pronounce it Tems for some reason) since I like outdoors rather than museums. You can do it riding on the upper level of the bus, too.

your intrepid reporter,

Cologne, Germany is next


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