Alien 2

I heard Blyg was talking slap about me. Just because I adopted some of your jingo.

I was assigned to monitor your TV. I was in big trouble because I was not getting it.

There was network. There was cable. There was podcasts. There was streaming. There was CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, and there was more. And more. It was 24/7. It was LIVE. It was Breaking News. It was weather. It was sports. It was news. It was real. It was fake.

I watched a weather channel. It was weather all day, all night, all over. There was a pregnant lady weatherperson. She blocked out your whole east coast when she turned sideways. Lady! Get off your feet and take a break.

The best part was about this Trump guy. He was a monster. He was going to be arrested. I kept waiting for this orange jumping suit. He was crazy. I kept waiting for this white coat with long sleeves. I was watching every night.

But now he’s gone. Story over.

We should run somebody from our mother ship for your president.

That’s right. Mother Ship! We got one. We’re hiding it. I can’t tell you where. But it’s there all right.

Well, I’m being reassigned to another planet. I haven’t checked it out yet. I’ll be in charge of monitoring Mars, as you call it. A whole planet!

Well, bye, Xthyg

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