Sami – Reindeer People of Europe

The Sami people live where the sun never sets in summer and stays below the horizon in winter.


They covered the northern two-thirds of Scandinavia. Their life was herding reindeer.


The Sami are the only people to be split by four different countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.


The Sámi are also known as Lapps.


Though many Sami are Christian, in the past, the shaman connected them to the spirit world with his drum and magic.



Reindeer herding demands a nomadic lifestyle because the reindeer graze the snow-covered lichen fields quickly and must move on to find more food. Sami lived in tents or turf huts as they migrated with their herds.

Now, the remaining herders travel with their reindeer while their families live in permanent modern housing.


The Sami sing to the reindeer.


Pregnant women have learned not to have their babies in the middle of the hunting season because the only local midwife is away hunting.


Never ask a reindeer owner about how many reindeer he’s got.




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