The Man in the Hole

It is thought that there over 100 uncontacted tribes around the world. And there may be over fifty groups hiding out in the remote areas of Brazil. But this story is about one man in Brazil..

He is known as The Man of the Hole because a deep narrow hole has been found in each home he has abandoned. His isolated existence became known in 1996. It is surmised that he alone remains from a tribe that had a number of violent clashes with ranchers and loggers in the 80s. But recently, the Brazilian government declared an area of 40-square-miles around him off-limits to trespassing and any development.

Since then, an agency, FUNAI, has monitored him. They want to prevent intrusions into his area after he was attacked in 2009. Luckily, he managed to survive this incident.

No one know what language he speaks and he has avoided further direct contact with others. He is aware that he is monitored by the agency because they have left gifts of tools and seeds for him and he has signaled to observers to avoid pitfalls he probably dug to trap animals.

He did appear in a video in 2018 being used to raise awareness of the threats to the uncontacted peoples in Brazil. The man, maybe 50, appeared to be in good health at that time.