Around the World in 30 Days – Helsinki


St Petersburg, Russia is next

On the edge of Europe, the Helsinki harbor is beautiful. There are still a few piles of snow in this northern capital. And the harbor is still frozen around the edges.

I came across from Tallinn on a ferry, a beautiful boat, on a sunny afternoon. It was pretty full and I finally found a place to sit near the children’s area. All the children are blonde, you know. They aren’t really but there is such a high percentage of blonde children that it seems like they all are blond.


They are sweeping up the little stones they use to make the ice and snow less slippery during the winter.

Maybe it was just where I went but drinking is a great part of life here. I was introduced to a strong drink made with tar. Now, in America, we use tar for the roads and I was familiar with the smell. But it was explained to me that it was an organic liquid much like resin or sap. It really tasted good and did me no harm. It joined the beer inside me and was a great way to remember this great city.

your intrepid reporter,

St Petersburg, Russia is next

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