Around the World in 30 days – Riga

Around the World in 30 days – Riga


Tallinn, Estonia is next

Today was an early start and then 10 hours on the train. The time went faster after I met a couple who were heading home after a month in Vietnam. They were full of good advice about visiting their hometown, Riga.

It was raining when we got here. After helping me get some local money, they got me to a nice place to stay.

It was like meeting angels. I thanked them by saying “ah-chu” which is “thank you” even though it sounds like a sneeze.

I was directed to a local place to eat where a live rooster meets you in the lobby. I guess the food is something to crow about.

Someone asked me how I could afford to travel around the world. I’ve been saving money for six months and just spending less each day while planning my trip. I found a flight from New York to London for only $250. I’m spending about $50 a day and traveling by train or bus. I am staying in hostels for about $20 a night. It’s just a clean room with a bed. 🙂

Well, others are hovering around to use the only computer in the lobby.

your intrepid reporter,

Tallinn, Estonia is next

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