Hammerfest – Arctic City

Hammerfest is the northernmost city in the world. Maybe Barrow, Alaska, is further north, but doesn’t claim to be the northernmost, so Hammerfest wins! It’s in Norway, by the way.

Why Go There?

Some people go there just so they can say they went to the top of the globe. Like climbing Everest. But there is more. Salmon fishing is one reason. The Repparfjord River is known as one of the best salmon rivers. Untouched countryside includes views of the Norwegian Sea if you look left and the Barents Sea over to your right.


You can see reindeer without leaving town. You might meet some nomad Sami coming by for supplies.


You can get a great view of the northern lights.


You can check out the Meridian monument used as a reference point to map the globe in the 1800s.



There’s a Liquid Natural Gas plant that sits like a small island named Melkoya. The gas come through a 90 mile, undersea pipeline from natural gas fields in the Barents Sea.



You might see the weird looking, orange ship carrying LNG or liqufied natural gas from the processing plant out to the world,


You could have pizza at the Quayside with it’s nautical theme. If you want to upgrade, go to Odd’s Mat & Vinhus, one of the finest restaurants in all Norway, offering dishes such as grouse steak, fillet of hare and salmon marinated in gin. Make reservations for sure. Maybe you want to eat reindeer. Hit the Kafé RettVest café. Music at Redrum on the weekend. Want to save your money? Go to Ellens Café over the Coop Supermarket.


Tidal Power

ANDRITZ HYDRO offers a tidal turbine array to harness the great energy potential from tidal streams. Maybe the future?



There is a strangly modern looking church.


Take a Hike

You could hike up to Salen and get a great view of the city.


This beautiful place was built in 2009. Find creative, artistic energy inside.



If someone suggests you ‘get a room’ that could easily be done at the Thon Hotel.


Bearly Possible

You could get a close look at this symbol of Arctic life.


Get a little crazy at an arctic spa like this couple.

There are a few more things to do in Hammerfest but these will get you started.


read a Short History of Hammerfest


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