Colorful China

Traveling in China

Although I have traveled China east to west and north to south, it’s so big and diverse, I think I’ve hardly been there. If you go north. you find Siberian temperatures in Harbin and Inner Mongolia. In the south, Hong Kong is almost tropical. The mountains and rivers in the west give you a sense of space you don’t find in the busy streets in Beijing.

I love traveling by train. You can see stuff and sleep and eat whenever you want. It’s not expensive and you can talk with other travelers because there is always someone who wants to practice their English.

You can buy stuff on the street in China. Low overhead allows low prices on fresh fruit and vegetables. Sometimes there is no tax on the goods you buy but you must remember that all sales are final in the alleyway.

Here are a few pretty short stories with photos:


First Time in Beijing


Young Girl with a Violin


Beijing by Bus


Walking Along the Canal

other subjects

Magnificent Mongolia

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