Rude Russians

Train Ride through Russia

I took the train from St Petersburg to Siberia a while back. I can’t really tell you much about Peter, as they call it. It was so overwhelming, I didn’t even take pictures, since the ones I’d seen didn’t really tell the story. You have to feel it.


The Russians are beautiful in St Pete. It’s the place they grow models. Everyone looked like they were going to a photo shoot for a magazine. Are Russians rude? Let’s say they aren’t helpful and have never heard of customer service.


Moscow hit me like a brick, a good brick. I unwound on the train for four days and spent some time in Siberia after that. I traveled third-class on the train. Not on purpose! The word for second-class is similar to third-class. I saved money and met some great people who shared food and fun with me.


One bit of advice: never try to outdrink a Russian.

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