Kaliningrad Now

Where will you stay?


High Society

Radisson Hotel Kaliningrad, 10 Pobedy Square 236010 Kaliningrad, +7 (401) 259 3344 (email: info.kaliningrad@radissonblu.com). Located in the historic main square of Kaliningrad. The hotel contains suites created by Swedish designer Christian Lundveld. 3200+ Rubles per night.


In the Fishing Village

Skipper Hotel, Oktyabrskaya Ulitsa 4A +7 4012 592-000 (info@skipperhotel.ru). Cute hotel in the Fishing Village. You can walk to the cathedral and the circus. Breakfast buffet is 200 Rubles extra. 2800-3000 Rubles per night.



Kaliningrad Hotel, Leninsky Prospekt 81 (Very center of the city), +7 4012 536021 (rezerv@hotel.kaliningrad.ru). A landmark hotel in the city center, clean and well renovated, within walking distance to most sights. Breakfast buffet is 250 Rubles extra. 2100-2500 Rubles per night.


Up the road

Moscow Hotel, Prospekt Mira 19, +7 4012 352333 (rezerv@hotel.kaliningrad.ru). Still near the city center. 2100-2500 Rubles.


Art Hotel

The Art Hotel aka Pushkin Hall, Dostoevskogo st. 19, +7 (4012) 36-57-52. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. It is a family hotel where you can feel at home. 2000 Rubles


Cheaper but Further

Amigos Hostel, Yablonevaya Alleya 34, +7 911 485 9761 (kld.hostels@hotmail.com). checkin: 12; checkout: 11.00. Hostel is a two-story house with fenced free parking. Kitchen combined with a spacious dining room. Bathroom on the second floor and shower room on the first floor. English speaking staff, free WiFi. 30-40 minute walk to the city center. 500-600 Rubles.

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I am not kidding! I want to go there!



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