On the Street in Ulan Bator


I was walking past a cafe in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. I heard some argument and looking into the outdoor courtyard and saw two men in a fist fight. This is not uncommon here. Since you really can’t call the police because you have to give them some money, you have to settle things on your own. This is one reason fighting is common. I often saw blood on the sidewalk indicating a recent fight. In fact, Mongolians are wonderfully able to deal with trouble. Living as nomads for hundreds of years has bred a sense of ‘fix it yourself’. You might see a Mongolian at the side of the road fixing his car or van. What we would consider a big problem, a Mongolian merely shrugs his shoulders at and finds a solution. well, anyway, to finish my story, I looked up at the name of the cafe where the men fought. The name board said ‘Friend’s Cafe’.

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