Around the World in 30 days – Cologne


Warsaw, Poland is next

I walked my legs off today. Everyone tells you that you have to see the church. It was really something. The guy in front of me got in trouble for wearing a hat inside. He took it off and told me I would get in trouble for taking flash pictures. That probably saved me from a reprimand from a passing priest.

I met three guys from America on the train. They were from Michigan, my home state. Weird, huh? We talked about how different it was in Europe with the money. They use coins worth as much as $5. You have these coins in your pocket and they are worth a lot instead of less than a dollar.

The weather is perfect for walking around. I went down the street to find a restaurant. I’m not sure if it was the one they said. It was a cozy place and the people there made sure I had a good experience. The beer was really good but served in small glasses. Much different than England where it is pint glasses.

But it best part is that it is Spring here. I hope you get it soon. I am heading for Poland tonight. Got to switch my euros into zlotys.

your intrepid reporter,

Warsaw, Poland is next